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Free-ebook: Artistic anatomy of Trees by Rex Vicat Cole

Artistic Anatomy of Trees free in pdf format or for your kindle here.
The Artistic Anatomy of Trees(their structure and treatment in painting) by english landscape painter RexVicat Cole(1870-1940) is one of those indispensable books that if you're a landscape painter of any kind you might consider looking at.
Even though this book was written in 1915 it really does enable you to look at trees (mainly northern hemisphere trees, though it does cover trees from all over the world) with a much greater understanding - biological and artistic- than anything produced these days.
I look at it regularly for his incredible analysis of the structure of trees which unless you're a bird it's quite difficult to see certain features (such as buds, branches and leaves) of a tree clearly. And most photography can't do it either. You can really see what you're looking at in this book.
His 105 personal pencil drawings along with 50 illustrations from early Italian artists onwards, plus 3…

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