Happenings in Howth, Dublin, Ireland.

We've been in Dublin, Ireland- the intense little town with a history on the River Liffey- this week for a summer break- with occasional forays into the stunning Irish countryside.

The seaside village of Howth (pronounced Hoath) was our first entry into the landscape. Though Howth lying north-east of Dublin city and only about half an hour on the DART train, is more your windswept, barren, sand beach with the sound of screeching gulls ducking and weaving over the waves. The tide was out when we were there but the trawlers were in and we managed to see two seals in the harbour, which I'd never seen before, hovering around the boats hoping for something to drop over the side. Magic.

The buskers in Dublin are seriously great musicians and they pop up everywhere including one at the end of the Howth pier. After having a listen and looking at the panoramic views of Dublin Bay we had lunch at one of the many restaurants and cafes lying along it- 'The Brass Monkey'. They eat well the Irish. If you like your meat and potatoes that is. And guinness. It was pretty expensive but I really enjoyed having a real meat pie for once though which you can't get in Sweden.

I had planned to do lots of drawing at Howth and brought all my art materials but ended up not doing any. Though I did get some good photos. You go with the flow and we just explored the town.
There was an artists studio at the end of the pier as well and we bought a couple of his tiny prints. As usual he was absolutely charming.



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