How to Draw from your Imagination by Scott Robertson with Thomas Bertling

I've barely used perspective in my work over the years and apart from a few lessons as a teenager I suppose to a certain degree I'd avoided it. I just found it predictable and rigid and quite boring to be honest. The thought of actually creating a clearly defined space just turned me off as it meant everything in it had to conform to it and this I was definitely not interested in.

But times change and I now wanted my sea wave paintings in a more 3 dimensional reality and came across Scott Robertson's youtube videos and ordered his book 'How to draw- drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination'. Basically it's everything you'll ever need to know about how to draw things in perspective.

It was a surprise when I received it though- full of drawings of imaginary trucks and cars- not the first thing I think of drawing and I put it down and thought- 'well I'll be surprised if I pick this up'. But 6 months later I thought I just might and I started from the beginning going through his exercises and I must say I'm enjoying it. Just these simple little line and ellipse exercises he introduces in the beginning of the book have improved my drawing so thankyou Scott. Whether I go on to create the highly complex multi-perspective objects and environments is another thing. But the book's always there to learn more.

His method of instruction is step by step and well illustrated. Chapter headings include:
Drawing materials and skills
Perspective terminology
Perspective drawing techniques
Creating grids
Ellipses and rotations
Working with volume
Drawing environments
Drawing aircraft
Drawing wheeled vehicles
Sketching styles and mediums

He also gives detailed instructions on the methods and materials he uses in online videos (which connect directly from the book on your smartphone or tablet or if you haven't got one of those there's a link address at the end of the book). Sometimes though you really need a real life tutor which I do as I'm stuck on one of the chapters.

Overall though I look forward to practising the technical side of drawing again after so many years and that's something.

The book was published in late 2013 so it's relatively new but I'm sure will become a technical drawing classic. From Design Studio Press. 208 pages.

Scott's video showing an environment quick sketch and placing figures into the scene using 1 point perspective below.

Scott Robertson's youtube videos 



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