Up or down?: yellow and violet acrylic landscape on paper

acrylic watercolour landscape painting by susan wellington
Up or Down? acrylic on paper 22 x 11.5cm
I've been off and on about acrylics for years. And nearly always go back to oil paints. And there is no doubting their lovely oily power. But the fumes from paints has finally got to me and I'm making the transition to acrylics. But a la Stephen Quiller I'll be using them like watercolour rather than trying to emulate oil paint.
This is just a test on paper I did today using acrylics more like watercolours. And the thing that's great about acrylics is that they don't change colour from wet to dry unlike watercolour or gouache which can shift lighter and darker depending on the colour. When you're putting down a colour what you see is what you'll get and that's great for me especially when it comes to managing the tonal shifts of different colours more precisely. I used Golden flow acrylics which are great for their intensity of colour. A drop goes a long way.

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