New painting: Pines for Peace 1 oil on linen

pine oil painting by susan wellington
 'Pines for Peace 1' oil on linen 33 x 24cm (12 x 9in)

Here's a small 12 x 9" pine tree oil painting I just finished yesterday. I'd been painting it on and off for a few months. Sometimes you just can't finish something quickly as it's like you're waiting for a new perception about the subject. And you have to receive it from living your life.

The feeling of being high up in the pine trees away from the chaos of the world on the ground inspires these paintings. Perhaps you can get a better view of your own life and the world up there?

I find pines inspiring the way they shoot into the sky completely straight. Well if they're in a forest that is. If they're by themselves they twist and turn any old way. And always with this crusty, multi-faceted bark which moves from the top to the bottom of the tree like some secret language which perhaps it is.

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