Ra talking about Projectors

If you're a projector (one of the human design types- find out yours here. Once you get your chart done too, you will also know your profile and some profound information about your specific profile can be found here: the list of profiles is at the bottom of the page), basically what Ra's saying is do what brings you joy and master it, and from this you will attract the right invitations for work, relationships even places to live.

If you don't do what brings you joy (and following the strategy of waiting for the invite) you may possibly be unconsciously radiating out bitterness- so those jobs and relationships can be a very long time coming. So keep in the joy and manage your energy wisely (as you don't have consistent life force and workforce energy like the other types). If you can do this for yourself then you can manage, guide and direct the other types which is your real purpose for being here.

Here's a number of great free audios, ebooks, and videos if you want to learn more.

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