Getting wet with Watercolour

The world of watercolour has opened up for me the last few weeks.

Susan Wellington 'Pine World' watercolour on Hahnemuhle paper rough 17 x 24cm (6.7 x 9.4)

I’ve used gouache- or opaque watercolour- a lot in the past but it has very different handling. (Here's a post I wrote about gouache on my old blog here.) The way watercolour reacts with the paper surface is completely unique and magical. It's alive. It moves and is absorbed and gradates with such subtlety in a way gouache cannot because gouache is much thicker paint. I'm a convert.

Stephen Quiller watermedia on paper
A couple of weeks ago I was watching one of Stephen Quiller’s (American landscape painter) watercolour videos and seeing his very loose but sensitive method of laying the paint in so freely and generously- playing with the water- inspired me to try using some of his methods myself. 

The purple/turquoise abstract area, outside of the pine tree 'porthole' at the top of the page, I painted in a way that was simply a response to the way the water was moving the colour across the paper. You never really know what you're going to get. It's the mutability of water and it makes painting in watercolour exciting.

Some resources...

Here’s a list of resources I’ve looked at if you’re interested in learning watercolour. They’re suitable for beginner onwards or if you just want to shake up your watercolour method with some new techniques. 

The  kindle ebooks are very handy too, especially if you’ve run out of space on your bookshelf. I actually bought the Cathy Johnson book by accident in the kindle app. (They put the buy it button right where you close it. Tricky amazon.) I thought it was a bit expensive at $18 at first but after reading through it, it’s actually worth it. There are so many great ideas in it, that I’ll be dipping into for years for inspiration. 

Watching paint dry is definitely now one of my favourite things. In watercolour that is.

You're invited to read more behind the scenes of my landscape painting at my other blog -the landscape painting journal.



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