Free ebook for some more tree drawing practice: Handbook of Foliage by George Barnard

The original book cover. Looks old!

If you’re looking to improve your drawing practice and knowledge of trees, here’s another very old (1870), but valuable drawing textbook you can download for free below. 

link to  pdf of the book
link to other files of the book- kindle, doc, etc

I’ve found these old books sometimes have information that you can’t get anywhere else. Probably because things like... learning to draw trees are not taught in schools... art or otherwise... anywhere... in any great depth. 

Nearly all pages are illustrated with the author's drawings.

The main difficulty in drawing trees is: how to draw the true character of each individual part of the tree... so that all the parts fit together... and you’re not spending hour upon hour drawing thousands of leaves... or drawing every nook and cranny.

Yes... you can just go out yourself and start drawing without any guidance... but why invent the wheel?

The first chapter in this book is very beneficial. It gives you some basic practice regimes to begin training your hand to draw certain types of marks.

Plus, it gives you some tools to be able to analyse the structure of trees... in a more simplified way... that still captures it’s visual truth.

A page from the first section with my notes down the side.

If... you can get over the damaged look and slightly archaic language of the book, (it was photocopied and put online by google and it looks better than in the photos)... this book is great for any visual artist, beginner or advanced... who’s interested in knowing more about trees... and speeding up the process of analysing and drawing them.

What's inside:

Handbook of Foliage and Foreground Drawing (1870) by George Barnard
(who was the Professor of Drawing at Rugby School, England)

Illustrated with numerous examples of trees, shrubs, climbing, meadow and water plants- drawn from nature and on stone by the author with explanations showing the best method of acquiring the characteristic touch for each.

Part 1: Foliage 
Elementary Practice –very good drawing tips here.

Foliage- oak, ash, elm etc. 38 trees are elaborated on. Of course there are no eucalyptus. Only northern hemisphere trees mainly. And mainly the trees of England common at the time the book was written. Many of the oldest ones now are infected from various mysterious diseases all over Britain.

Part 2: Foreground Plants
Vine, honeysuckle, ivy, corn, ferns, grasses etc. 43 plants are described.
Questions for students at the end.

link to  pdf of the book
link to other files of the book- kindle, doc, etc

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