A glittering day of kitesurfing in Pärnu, Estonia

Canon Powershot G12 exposure time 1/2000 secs, f number 4.5, iso 100, focal length 15.67mm
Processed with Photomatix Essentials 4 

This is taken a few days ago at Pärnu beach, the beach resort in south-west Estonia. It's been sunny, warm weather with a little bit of wind so great for taking kitesurfer photos. 

The zoom on the G12 is pretty weak but I'm working with what I've got. I just love the abstract simplicity of the kite against the sky, an echo of the sun and moon. And the tiny man on a board struggling to keep control. A tiny harmonic moment. 

When it's sunny at Pärnu, the sea becomes a glittering piece of fabric against the sky. The whole atmosphere becomes almost ethereal.

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