How to make creative designs with beautiful free images

If you've ever wondered how so many websites and blogs manage to get beautiful images and text, the art marketing expert Barney Davey's written a very informative blog post, showing you how to do it on the cheap or free.

He discusses 11 sites, including a number of royalty free stock photography agencies (with some brilliant photos, illustrations and vector graphics), as well as two free online design programs Pixlr (related post here) and Canva.

Barney takes you through the process of creating one of his images with text using Canva on video. Very helpful. Thanks Barney.

Here's the link to the article.


I tried Canva out using their postcard template and my own photos below.

It looks ok at this scale but Canva gives you a choice of downloading and saving as a png file or a high quality pdf. The png file lost a lot of quality. And you really couldn't use the photo except at this size. I'll probably test it with some different size images in future to see if you can get better final results.

Here's the link to Canva so you can try yourself.

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