See 'The Shift' movie free by Dr Wayne Dyer

If you don't know who Dr Wayne Dyer is (he passed away a few days ago) he was an American spiritual teacher and prolific writer who wrote some very profound and life changing books that influenced millions of people all over the world.

My personal favourite, that I've listened to quite a few times, is a pbs special he did called 'Wishes Fulfilled' based on his book of the same name. You can see it here on youtube. It's full of practical and profound insights and techniques you can use to become more peaceful and centered in yourself. And it's funny and entertaining.

You can also watch his entertaining and moving movie 'The Shift' for free this week in honour of his memory. Here's the link. And as well his movie called The Greatest Teacher until September 15.

Plus some of the kindle versions of his books have also been drastically reduced, by his publisher Hay House, to 1.99 US, which is a bargain. You can pick them up here. I just picked up 'Wishes Fulfilled' which I'm looking forward to reading again.

Thankyou Dr Wayne Dyer (1940 - 2015)



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