Making 2016 calendars with Simply Calendars program and free calendar

I made a couple of calendars for home this week with this very nifty little calendar making program called Simply Calendars which I've used for the last couple of years to make the occasional christmas gifts of photos and art calendars.

You're welcome to download the calendars as a thankyou for visiting my blog. 
Season's Greetings and best wishes for 2016.

Making a calendar with Simply Calendars

Simply Calendars program was developed by a scottish doctor in order to create professional and personalized calendars for everyday office use.

It now has about 60 different calendar templates that you can customise endlessly with many features, such as the ability to use different languages (over 100, even estonian), religions, national holidays, school holidays, daylight savings times, and lots more.

Basically you just upload your images into the program template and print it. It's easy. But like anything to do with images and printing, what seems simple can take forever as you realise, as you print out your beautiful calendar, that the resolution of the images was too low. So you've got to start again. It takes a few practice runs.

You can save your calendar to Simply Calendars own native format, to work on later, or can export your finished calendar (or just one page of it) to a pdf file, gif file, jpeg or bmp. It has differing resolution options for these. (There is no saving to a doc file alas.)  You can also create an online web calendar.

To me it's not really a professional program (as you can't upload very large images) more just for home office use. It hasn't quite moved into the mobile/computer age as well, as it has no templates suitable for mobiles or even computer wallpaper templates. Though you can make these but it takes a few steps. That's a real drawback for me with this program but other than that I'd still recommend it for home use, as it's not that expensive (24 US) and it has many more options than any free program.

 A couple of pointers:
  • Do a couple of test runs: create some calendars just to see what the program offers. It's easy and fun to use.
  • Put all the images you want to use in the one specially created folder. Images in all different folders and memory cards and cd's can drive you crazy and I've done it many a time. Creating a folder first and assembling all the images you want into that folder, really does save time in the end.
  • Prepare your images carefully depending on what size you're printing them out. Though basically the higher the resolution the better the quality of the image whatever the size. The program only accepts images no larger than 4 megabytes but I've found resizing my images to no smaller than 1024 pixel width (resized in irfanview) prints out quite well. Though I haven't printed at A3 size.
  • Crop them all to the same size. It just looks better. (I've been using Picasa recently for image cropping and general image processing. It does a good job and it's simply laid out and user friendly.)



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