A wistful mood...

'Horse in an Autumn paddock' Canon Powershot G12, exposure: 1/200secs, iso: 100, aperture: f5.02, exposure bias: -1, focal length: 24.98mm, white balance: tungsten, exposure mode: av priority

The blue look in this photo was a complete accident.

I'd left the light settings on tungsten from a previous session indoors.

But I love the mood it created. It suited the wistful moods of the horses and autumn weather.

It's hard to get horses to lift their heads when they're eating. Most of the time they lift their heads once to see who's there, then back to eating.

So I was lucky to get this photo. Though if he would only just have raised his head a little more away from the fence.

It keeps you going back to get that perfect shot though.

Next time when you want that mood again you'll know that putting the camera on tungsten for the white balance settings could do the trick. 



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