It proceeds from Nature Itself and not from (human) invention...

Li Tang, Wind in the Pines Among a Myriad of Valleys, 1124. N. Song dynasty. Ink and color on silk.

A quote

Zhang Yanyuan’s Lidai minghua ji (Record of the Famous Paintings of Successive Dynasties, (847AD).
‘Now,’ Zhang argues, ‘painting is a thing which perfects the civilizing teachings (of the Sages) and helps (to maintain) the social relationships.
It penetrates completely the divine permutations (of Nature) and fathoms recondite and subtle things.
Its merit is equal to that of (any of) the Six Arts (of Antiquity), and it moves side by side with the Four Seasons.
It proceeds from Nature itself and not from (human) invention’.
Li Tang Wind in the Pines Among a Myriad of Valleys (1124). Northern Song dynasty. Ink and colour on silk.

Some links…

James Cahill (1926-2014) Chinese landscape art historian-his fascinating series of free lectures on early Chinese landscape painting: A Pure and Remote View.
And later chinese and japanese painting lecture: Gazing into the Past



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