Don’t you Love Koalas?

I wrote a post a few years ago about the kangaroo in Australian art.

One thing I learned when I wrote it, was that I hadn’t ever drawn or painted an Australian animal in my whole life.

I’d fully taken on the cultural art conditioning that it was cliche. And I definitely didn’t want to make anything cliche. So I never did.

Until now.

koala gouache 1st stage by sue wellington-web stage in koala gouache 2

The final gouache and watercolour is on the left.

It’s split into segments because I feel split living in another country. It’s based on a photo I took of a koala in the Melbourne zoo.

It’s only since I’ve been living in a foreign country, that I’ve become so much more aware of the plight of Australian animals. 

And the situation of the koala has reached critical point as the mad destruction of the koala’s habitat – the eucalyptus tree – continues on unabated.

Australian Koala Foundation

Deborah Tabart, the amazing CEO of the Australian Koala Foundation,  is currently travelling around Australia trying to drum up support for the Koala Protection Act, before the Australian federal election on July 2nd.

You can keep up with her travels and support her, from wherever you are in the world, at the social media sites below.

She needs all the support she can get.
It’s now or never for the koala.

Pollies and Links

You can write to the four Australian leaders telling them you want them to support the Koala Protection Act (Prime Minister Mr Malcolm Turnbull; Leader of the Opposition Mr Bill Shorten; Deputy Prime Minister Mr Barnaby Joyce; and Senator Mr Richard di Natale.
Or, why not Tweet them? (here, here, here & here)

Australian Koala Foundation
support the Koala Protection Act if you're in Australia  
Koala Land – how to help guide
koala habitat atlas



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