10 books Every artist should Read (or try to...)

I happened to be surfing around on the internet recently- to try to find the source of an image- and ended up at the Art Students League of New York (founded 1875), that many famous American artists went to, such as O'Keefe, Pollock, Rothko, even Al Weiwei.

Their students were recommended to read the list below. I found it interesting, as it's an unfashionable list -a bit of poetry, a bit of history and a bit of spirit. No isms. Take a look.

Ten books every artist should have and know well by Ephraim Rubenstein lecturer at Art Students League of New York, USA

Rainer Maria Rilke’s Letters to a Young Poet
Vincent Van Gogh’s Letters to Theo
Heinrich Wölfflin’s The Principles of Art History: The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art 
Bernard Berenson’s Italian Painters of the Renaissance
Kenneth Clark’s The Nude: A Study in Ideal Form
Body, Memory, and Architecture. Written by Kent Bloomer and Charles Moore   
Leonardo da Vinci’s Treatise on Painting
Michael Baxandall’s Painting and Experience in Fifteenth-Century Italy
Robert Henri’s The Art Spirit   
Susan Sontag’s collection of essays, On Photography 

Van Gogh's  'Letters to Theo' is my favourite off that list. Love permeates these letters. Love of his brother and vica versa. Love of life. Love of art. They're just deeply moving.

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