Images from Tartu, Estonia: Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer's Day?

Beautiful berries just picked tartu estonia photo by sue wellington
Gorgeous dark red - and straight off the tree - cherries.
forest in summer tartu estonia
Much, much greener in real life!
large heads from tartu art exhibition
Art from an exhibition of St Petersberg, Russia painters in Tartu. The images were made entirely from pieces of plastic.
picking berries in summer tartu estonia
Climbing up the cherry trees to pick their summer berries. (Tartu, Estonia) The next day, when we were eating out the back, a bird flew into the net and got itself badly tangled. But Hiie managed, with a great deal of patient cutting of threads, to free the bird - and off she waddled across the grass, in a state of shock, to hide under a nearby tree.
pink flowers from tartu botanical garden
Pink wildflowers or 'Dorotheanthus Bellidiformis', in case you'd forgotten - in Tartu Botanical Gardens.
pond in tartu estonia botanical garden
Pond in Tartu Botanical Gardens
sunset view of the baltic sea from the ferry porthole
Sunset from the ferry in Stockholm Archipelago. It was about midnight.
wildflowers in tartu botanical garden
Wildflowers. Tartu Botanical Gardens.
white roses in the tartu estonia botanical garden
White roses. Tartu Botanical Garden.
tartu theatre estonia
It's easy to ride around on bicycles in Tartu as it's pretty flat and there's not that much traffic. As well, it has good bike paths. This was a theatre we cycled past. We actually saw the band 'Curly Strings' there last year -they are a very famous estonian folk band.


Lonely Planet's guide to Tartu, Estonia



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