'The Broken Paw' : painting to 3D

I discovered recently a very charming animation technique whereby a single shot photo is divided into its layers, (zoom and other techniques are used as well- you can learn how to do it here) and assembled into a video.

 It's very labour intensive, but it's a lovely effect. The cat video, below, is one example of the technique. 

 "The Broken Paw" (Painting to 3d)

Original painting by M. Sowa (wikiart.org/en/michael-sowa/the-broken-paw)
Music: Arvo Pärt - "Fur Alina" (fragment)
More at : behance.net/seccovan

And another one: 

Multiple vintage photographs of american cities of the early 1900's are remade into a remarkable animation at this link.



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