A Bruce Davidson moment at Elwood Beach

It was a very overcast day at Elwood Beach in Melbourne (above) a couple of days ago. Perfect for black and white photography. I didn't do much to this photo other than convert it to black and white in Perfect Effects 9 and put a border around it. But if I wasn't so lazy I'd try to get more detail out of the sand... to tell more of a story. But I like its minimalism. The simple shapes and low contrast which to me expressed the calmness and openness of the actual moment. I always think of Bruce Davidson when taking beach photography. The particular photo below, inspired me to take black and white photography again. The geometry, the detail, the atmosphere. And note the horizon line. You don't always have to have a straight horizon line to create a great picture. It's the story that matters. The solo yacht against the crammed car park. The freedom and the craziness. It was the opposite at the time (2008) of air brushed perfection. Now we have instant filters to create a Bruce Davidson style.
Bruce Davidson USA. California. Los Angeles. 2008.



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