Other great drawing books... Keys to Drawing

Page from Bert Dodson's Keys to Drawing
Page from Bert Dodson's Keys to Drawing 
 Cover of Keys to Drawing
Cover of Keys to Drawing
Another highly regarded drawing book...

Keys to Drawing by Bert Dodson (originally published 1985)

  • 55 specific keys to improving your drawing
  • 48 mini lessons that help you master techniques
  • 8 self evaluation checklists to help you evaluate your progress

You can check it out on google books for free here.
Keys to Drawing on Amazon

I can't say I've really looked at this book in any depth yet. 

But I love his scratchy, wiry drawing style.

Many bloggers and artists recommend this book. Here's a book review at The Watercolour Log blog if you're interested in finding out more. 

Drawing is a very personal thing, 

But personally, at the moment, I am learning Glen Vilppu's methods of drawing. 

I just like his teaching style and his simple step by step methods of learning how to create things from your imagination - that have life. 

It's not simple doing them though. 

But if you're interested in buying some of his materials, Glen's closing down his online store , on Dec 31st 2016. 

...So you can get some big discounts on his handbooks and downloads there. 

Or there's Glen Vilppu's youtube channel.

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