Relationships...Communication Bridges You Need - for Any Type

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This is a repost from Align with Your Design
I've been getting this newsletter for a while and I thought this post was especially good. 
Relationships are everything - any type of relationship - and it just makes a huge difference in your life if they are happy ones. 
I've found knowing your own and others human design can really help.

(To discover your own human design you can get it here. Or here. You need your birth date and year, place of birth, and time. If you don't know the time exactly, just use midday.)

Communication Bridges You Need - for Any Type

As you become more clear, confident and connected to your true nature, relationships usually need adjustments to the newer YOU! Having more communication tools in your tool  box is a key ingredient to have more satisfying and longer lasting relationships.

Reminders for each Type

Manifestors: You’ll get better results when you initiate conversation, by asking or inviting others. Inform your partner that you would prefer that they state their needs without asking you to act or do something. Inform them it works best for you to act when your energy is lined up for action. Remember your voice is very impactful – pause and breathe before speaking.

Projectors: You’ll get better results if you get invited to a conversation. If not, it is OK to state your interest to have connection through conversation.  Be aware of your desire to control or give advice. Write down in advance what you do want, not what you don’t want, to protect yourself from complaining.  Do request connection sooner than later as you don’t have the bandwidth to hold discord or resentment.

Generators: For the best results, remind your partner to ask you simple questions such as; Would you like to respond to what I said? Or, do you have something to say about this situation? Having heated discussions can be less stressful, you’ll handle it better if you are outside or if you can get up and move around.

Manifesting Generators: For best results, follow the Generators and the Manifestors Strategy. Remember you have more sustaining energy than anyone. Be patient with others as it is hard for them to keep up with you.

Reflectors: For best results, avoid being put under pressure. Gently, let your partner know you’ll need more time to process and reflect.  Test out the all the other strategies as well, depending on the day, some may work better than others.

Sue Ford (1943-2009)  'Shadow Play' (2007)

Communication skills to cultivate harmony

  • When possible, find a pre-agreed upon time when you won’t be interrupted and distractions are minimized. Many couples have scheduled “date nights” each week for more heart-full connection. Healthy professional relationships have regular scheduled meetings. Always begin your connection/meeting time with an exchange of appreciation or acknowledgement for what is working or state your common ground.

  • Share your thoughts and feelings with each other without making the other person feel shamed or wrong for what they’re feeling. You both need to be able to speak your mind without the other person rolling his eyes or scoffing at your remarks. Reaffirm what it is you heard them say and acknowledge that they have a right to their feelings.

  • Talk out your differences. Differences is a natural occurrence for all partnerships/relationships. The key is to be able to talk out those differences and come up with some kind of middle ground. If one person wants one thing and the other person wants another, a compromise should be decided upon to meet each other halfway.

  • Listen! Being able to listen to your partner when they need it encourages them to talk when they need to. Don’t interrupt them. Let them say what they need to and then take your turn. When a partner feels that the other person isn’t listening, resentments can build and communication is jilted.

  • Accept and respect your differences and uniqueness. Your Human Design chart clearly states areas where you’ll be compatible with others and where you will not. Learning to surrender to your difference is healthy and positive to all involved, especially your peace of mind.

  •  Practicing these key points can help you cultivate your unique expression. Keeping the lines of communication open encourages more communication and promotes stable and healthy relationships.

(To discover your own human design you can get it here. Or here. You need your birth date and year, place of birth, and time. If you don't know the time exactly, just use midday.)

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