links for artists and art students

  • James Gurney's blog. The creator of Dinotopia series of illustrated books. He has a massive amount of great information about art and artists, art techniques, art instruction books, materials etc. For the beginner to advanced.
  • Katherine Tyrell's 'Making a Mark' blog which has a huge amount of practical information and inspiration for artists. I don't know how she does it. UK based.
  • Anne McKinnell Photography Inspiring landscape photographer and teacher. With plenty of great photography advice and free ebooks on her website.
  • Online Art Academy youtube channel the fundamentals of picture making. Everything you won't get in many art schools. 29/10/15 Charles has taken off a lot of excellent videos unfortunately, but he still has some good ones. 
  • The Abundant Artist Created by Cory Huff, it has lots of free marketing information and great advice for all types of artists. Enjoyable and informative podcasts too.
  • Jason Horejs 'Red Dot blog': advice from Xanadu Gallery owner. Jason's a very generous soul. The blog's full of valuable information for artists. He also teams up for video podcasts with Barney Davey- another generous soul -  who also produces a valuable blog for visual artists called Art Marketing News. I have his book 'Guerilla Marketing for Artists' which is an excellent resource for simple but effective strategies for connecting with collectors.
  • Artist and illustrator Chris Wilson's writes an  weekly blog which has lots of great practical advice from art marketing to how to write effective emails to blog ideas. 
  • Artiful painting demos by Sandrine Pelissier who demonstrates many useful painting techniques and tricks as well as writes thoughtful articles about the life of a painter. You can get a free mixed media techniques ebook from her if you sign up for the monthly newsletter. It's worth it if you're an acrylic painter.
  • If you have itunes on your phone or on your computer, artist Brainard Carey's art and artist interview show from Yale University is good to catch up with. He also interviews philosophers, curators. Anyone involved in the 'high' art world basically. Some well known and not so well known artists. Here's his website
  • B and H Photography youtube channel: very helpful channel for photographers, filmmakers, audio technicians at any stage. Latest camera reviews, lectures by world renowned photographers, tips, gear etc. I've found the lectures by travel photographers particularly helpful and inspiring.
  • Copywriting for Crafters with Lisa Jacobs: good quality course. Covers copywriting but also marketing in general- specifically for those people selling their own creations online. Also helpful for offline selling too.
  • Tucson Art Academy Online If you sign up for the newsletter you can get notified when there's some free webinars you can join. I've watched a couple of webinars by Phil Starke (ie 4 key steps to enhance your colors) and he offers some fantastic tips for analysing various aspects of painting better. (mainly for plein air and realism but most of the same principles apply to abstract art)
  • Aaron Blaise is a brilliant animal animator. Check him out at his website Creature Art Teacher or his Youtube channel.    And he's just published a traditional art video on charcoal drawing, (which he says is the first of many on his website, which I bought).
  • Alyson Stanfield's 'Art Biz Blog' oodles of great information. How to write your tortuous artist statements and other such things. 
  • Creative Live - a variety of entertaining live classes with experienced teachers for the arts and photography. If you sign up for their newsletter you get notified about all the classes (and when they're free too). Great if you want to learn something new. All the videos you can download if you buy with lifetime access streaming.

  • Dynamic Symmetry Art: website dedicated to exploring dynamic symmetry
  • by Teoh Yi Chie Teoh's all over the internet with his distinctive watercolour illustrations. He covers his own drawing journeys all over Singapore in his instructive videos and also reviews art books and art materials. He sticks just with reviews on his blog but it's a portal to everything he does.
  • Liron Yanconsky's youtube channel. All about watercolour- materials, techniques, artists, business. It's great for the beginner as he does videos about watercolour problems no one else is doing on youtube. Great guy.



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